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Online Technical Training:

The Carpenters Training Center in Cape Girardeau, Missouri is now offering Online Computer Training for all members of the Carpenters’ District Council of Greater St. Louis and Vicinity. 

In the Southeast Missouri area, each of the five courses will satisfy the annual 8-hours of Technical training requirement as long as the obligations listed below are satisfied.  In addition, these courses are preparatory courses for the IC3 GS3 certification in digital literacy.  As the coursework for each section is completed the member can set for the IC3 GS3 exam for that particular area.  Upon successful completion of all three exams the member will receive 8-hours of Technical training for this certification.

For more detailed information please see the information below:



Mobile App

View Technical Training Classes, Safety Training Classes and Computer Training Classes

Get Directions, Facebook page and SEMO CJAP WordPress Blog page

A Mobile App has been developed by the Southeast Missouri Carpenters Joint Apprenticeship Program (SEMO CJAP) that will run on any smart phone.


To Access the Mobile App:

  • Using your browser on your phone go to the following URL:
  • Once the page is loaded click the + sign or the directional arrow at the bottom of your browser window and then select to Add to Home Screen.
  • The App should appear on the Home Screen along with your other Apps.


  •  Scan the QR code below and select to Add to Home Screen.

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Free Math Lessons…for anyone…progress at your own pace:

You have probably noticed other posts regarding the Khan Academy and related math videos.  The Khan Academy now has a login whereby you can start with very basic math practice exercises and progress at your own pace.  Under your login, the site keeps up with where you are at and the next level you need to advance to.  Once you get to a particular level of math where you may need help, the site will point you to the related videos associated with that math level.  You then have the opportunity to learn that math section, retake the practice exercise, and then progress to the next level.

You can take any math practice exercise for any particular level of math…your choice.  Math is a subject that builds from level to level, if you do not have the basic levels, you will struggle with the more advanced levels.



  • Go to the Khan Academy at: 
  • At the top, on the right, you will see a “Login” tab.  Click that login tab and you will be taken to a page where you can create a login.
  • You will have to either create or use your Google account or your Facebook account, using your existing account username and password.  If you do not already have an account with Google or Facebook, you can create one.
  • Once you are logged in, your name should appear in the upper right corner, at the Khan Academy site.


  • Notice, under your name, you can choose one of the following:


  • Choose PRACTICE:
  • After you choose practice, you will see “Suggested Exercises” on the left and a “Knowledge Map” on the right.
  • The Green Stars will suggest you start with “Addition 1”.
  • Remember, you can complete each exercise and the site will remember what you have accomplished and also point you to related videos to teach you areas where you may be having difficulity.


  • If, after you choose PRACTICE, you see a screen telling you that you need to update to the latest browser; I would suggest the following:
  • The site runs well under a different browser known as Firefox.  I would suggest going to  and downloading the free firebox browser.  You can run this browser when working with the Khan Academy site and still run your regular Internet Explorer browser. 



  • If you would like help with the exercises within the Khan Academy, do the following:
  • Notice, under your name, you can choose one of the following:


  • Choose COACH:
  • Once at this page, scroll all the way down where you can choose to “Add a Coach”.
  • To choose Bruce Bird as your coach, his ID is .  Submit that and you will become a student under his account.

Please send Bruce Bird an email notifying Bruce that you are a student.

  • To choose Brian Sides as your coach, his ID is .  Submit that and you will become a student under his account.

Please send Brian Sides an email notifying Brian that you are a student.


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View Samples of the IC3-GS3 Courses:

You can view samples of the following courses at the link below but you will have to download Shockwave Player from Adobe to do so.  Shockwave Player is a free download from Adobe.

Adobe Shockwave Player download:

PCIC3A-GS3 Computing Fundamentals – this course has just recently been revised and updated to the new Global Standard (GS3) version and samples are not available yet….but coming soon.

PCIC3B1-GS3 Key Applications – Word

PCIC3B2-GS3 Key Applications – Excel

PCIC3B3-GS3 Key Applications – PowerPoint

PCIC3C-GS3 Living Online

Sample courses are available at this link:

To view, just click on the course that you would like to view and a new window will open showing all of the lessons within that course.  Scroll down and you will see a few that are listed as Sample that you can watch.  Be sure and have you audio and speakers turned on.


Technology Unit Added

The Carpenters Training Center in Cape Girardeau, Missouri has added an elective Technology unit for Apprentices.  This unit can be accomplished online and once the necessary components are accomplished and all testing is accomplished to the appropriate levels the Apprentice is awarded the unit.

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IC3 Online Computer Training

Internet and Computing Core Certification (IC3) information can be found at:  .

Certiport offers this national certification in digital literacy to validate computer skills.  There are three individual examinations:  Computing Fundamentals, Key Applications and Living Online.  Certiport is transitioning to a new updated Standard known as the “IC3 Global Standard 3” (GS3).

Teknimedia is an approved IC3 GS3 training provider that offers online training in the three areas of Computing Fundamentals, Key Applications and Living Online.  The Carpenters Training Center in Cape Girardeau offers this online computer training to our members as a means to become computer literate.

The online courses that are offered are:                                            Estimated Time to Complete

  • PCIC3A-GS3              Computing Fundamentals                                         25.5 Hours
  • PCIC3B1-GS3            Key Applications – WORD 2007                                31.25 Hours
  • PCIC3B2-GS3            Key Applications – EXCEL 2007                                21 Hours
  • PCIC3B3-GS3            Key Applications – POWERPOINT 2007                    16.5 Hours
  • PCIC3C-GS3              Living Online                                                            19 Hours

As you can see, all of the courses have been updated to the new GS3 Standard, Computing Fundamentals was the last completed updated course to the GS3 Standard and as a result the pre-assessment and the post-assessment are not available yet.